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Q: What is the value of a running and serviceable Onan tag along 450 watt generator?
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How many amps is 1 hp?

This can't be answered easily. Amps is an electrical value where as "hp" stands for horse-power. This is a mechanical measurement. Hp can be coverted into amps by using a generator. This would of course all depend on the gearing and such of the generator.

Why must a 60Hz be derated if it is operated at 50Hz how much derating must be done?

60Hz generator can be operated at 50Hz as along as certain conditions are met.Basically the problem is that there is a max flux achieveble in any given machine and EA = K(pie)(w) the max allowable E changes when the speed is changed. Vltage must be derated to 50/60 or 83.3% of its original value. jUst the opposite effect happen when 60Hz generator is operated at 50Hz.

How does Atomic Radius behave along the Periodic Table?

Atomic radius increases down a group due to increase in number of shells. Its value decreases along a period due to increase in nuclear charge.

How do you convert kva in to kwh?

The unit VA deals with a complex current and so 'apparent power', to which the Power factor is usually known (between 0 and 1) Simply multiply the value of KVA by the power factor to give you the real value of the power flow (KW). To then get this value into kwh, multiply the value you have just obtained by the length of time the equipment has been running for.

What is the value of a 2005 Saturn Vue?

The value of a 2005 Saturn Vue can vary based upon several different factors. Some of these factors include condition of the interior and exterior of the car, added after-market products, and overall running condition. The Kelley Blue Books lists the value of an average 2005 Saturn Vue as $5000.

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What is the value of an M-1 rifle serviceable fair condition a Korean returnee?

100-5000 depending on EXACTLY what you have.

Why is it necessary to keep the speed of a generator or motor to the rated value?

I'm not entirely positive, but increasing or changing the conserved rated speed of a generator or motor might generate high and intense heating, waste large amounts of power, and possibly will cease to produce the necessary torque to keep running.

What is the value in dollars of a Honda EB3500 generator?

1 trillion dollars

What happens at the rated value of the voltage of the generator?

The rated voltage of a generator decreases due to many causes such as armature reaction, overloading of the generator and AVR failure/ weak excitation voltage.

What is the custom duty for a Diesel Generator in Nigeria?

Duty = 29% approx.on CFR value all inclusive for generator diesel sets fully builtif not with soundproof.Duty = 49.8% approx.on CFR value all inclusive for generator diesel sets fully built if it is equipped with soundproof.Duty = 7% approx. on CFR value all inclusive for generator diesel sets with prime power exceeding or equal to 1000KVAIf it is completely knocked down (CKD), then duty = 12% approx. on CFR value

What is the full form of static V A R generator?

Value Added Reseller

What are some benefits of a diesel generator?

Some benefits of a diesel generator include low cost, availability, a high resale value, stability, and they are multipurpose.

What is the oil pressure of a cat 3412?

Then normal test value of cat 3412 generator oil pressure is 54 psi / 372 kpa.The starting time fo the generator oil pressure mostly near the 64 psi / 441 kpa or near about it after running the oil pressure reduce and maintain up to desingned set value oil pressue can be set by using service tool E.T, you may also modify the value range of shudown the engine.

How much is a used 60K diesel generator worth?

The value of a 60 kW diesel generator will depend on the brand and also the condition. The generator in fair condition may cost around $4000. A new one will cost about $11,000.

What is the value of a Hop-Along Cassidy lunch box?

Value is $550.00

What is critical resistance of the field circuit of a DC generator?

The value of resistance of shunt field winding beyond which the shunt generator fails to build up its voltage is known as " critical resistance at a given speed it is the maximum field resistance with which the shunt generator excite.

What is the value of a 1970 Honda E40 II generator in near mint condition?

100 to 300 dollars

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