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The English word "environment" translated to french is"environnement"

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The word for environment in French is "environnement."

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Q: What is the word for environment in French?
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What french word does environment come from?

From the word environnement

Why does the word environment come from the French word environ which means around?

Obviously the French word "environnement" stems from the word "environ" in French. They have closely related, but not identical meanings. The English language borrowed the word under the spelling "environment", as there was a need to name it.

The word environment comes from a French word meaning having to do with?

"environment" comes from French "environnement", which is based on the same root as "environ" meaning "whereabout", "around", "surroundings."

Does the word environment contain from the same root that means light as in light from the sun?

No, the word "environment" does not come from the same root as the word for light from the sun. "Environment" is derived from the Middle French word "environner," which means "to surround," while the word for light comes from Old English.

What language is the word milieu from?

The word 'milieu' is from the French language. It's meaning is the physical or social environment in which something happens. It was first used in 1854.

WhY is the enviorement called environment?

The word "environment" comes from the French word "environner," which means surroundings or circumstances. It refers to the external physical, biological, and social conditions that surround and affect an organism or a community.

What is 'environment' in French?

Physical / cultural environment = environnement(masc.) Social environment = milieu(masc.)

How do you spell miliue?

military. It has only one "a".

How do you use the word environment in a sentence?

I recycle to help the would say something along the lines ofwhat is the environment of this place like.oryour killing this animals environmentdoes that answer your question your question isn't very descriptive as in how u want it to be answered

What the bad impact of mondialisation?

Mondialisation' is the French word of the English word globalization. One bad impact of globalization is the establishment of industries which has led to the pollution of the environment.

Environment word is derived from which word?

Environ first attest 1660s, from French environs, plural of Old French environ "compass, circuit," from environ (adv.) "around," from en- "in" + viron"circle, circuit," from virer "to turn."Suffix -ment, meaning '-ness'

What is the origin of the word environment?

I think it means 'that which surrounds us'. I suspect a french or Latin origin, and am still trying to find out.