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Q: What occupies the major portion of the cells life?
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Which stage of mitosis occupies most of a cells life?


The stage of the cell cycle that occupies most of the cells life is?


What stage of the cells life occupies most of its life?

Interphase. The longest part of interphase is the G1 phase.

Handel spent the major portion of his life in?


What portion of the cells life cycle does not involve cell division?


What is the stage of the cell cycle that occupies most of the cell's life?

Interphase: when the cells is not reproducing and just performing its cell function

Which microscopic structures carry out the major life functions?


The major function of white blood cells?

The major function of white blood-is the soldier of life

What three major ideas about cells?

cells arise from pre-existing cells living things are made up of cells cells are the basic unit of life

What are the events that take place during interphase?

G1 - Cell grows rapidly, this phase occupies the major portion of the cell's life. Cells that don't divide remain in the G1 phase S (Synthesis) - The cell's DNA is copied in this phase. at the end of this, each chromosome consists of two chromatids attached at the centromere G2 - Preparations are made for the nucleus to divide. Microtubules are rearranged during G2 in prep. for mitosis

What types of cell in your body are no longer undergoing mitosis?

For a significant portion of your life, brain cells in your head do not undergo mitosis.

What stage of the cell cycle occupies most of a cells life?

For dividing cells the total length of division in 24 hours. G1 is typically the longest portion of dividing cells and can last up to 10 hours. Depending on the organism S phase can take anywhere from 5 to 6 hours. G2 takes 3-4 hours. and Mitosis takes about 2 hours Non dividing cell will enter into Go. Dividing embryonic cells proceed through g1 and g2 must faster

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