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Q: What phenomenon forms the basis of spectrophotometry?
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Changing magnetic field creates what?

A changing magnetic field creates an electric field according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. This phenomenon forms the basis for technologies such as generators, transformers, and electric motors.

What are types of spectrophotometry?


What does Humility forms the basis of honor just as the low ground forms the basis of a high elevation mean?

Im gonna be honest... What is this?

Is an educated or informed guess that is proposed and supported with verifiable evidence?

A hypothesis is an educated or informed guess that is proposed and supported with verifiable evidence. It forms the basis of scientific inquiry and experimentation to test its validity and determine if it accurately explains a phenomenon.

What is atomic spectrophotometry?

spectrophotometry is a branch of spectroscopy dealing with measurement of radiant energy transmitted or reflected by a body as function of wave lenght %

What is the basis for some of the standards of the metric system?

The number ten forms the basis.

Which alphabet forms the basis of the English alphabet?

The Latin alphabet forms the basis of the English alphabet, it is the same alphabet, with the exceptions of J, U, and W.

How do you determine heavy metal in water?

By chemical analysis: Uv-vis absorption spectrophotometry, atomic absorption spectrophotometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma emmission spectrometry, polarograhy, phosphorescence fluorometry, flame spectrophotometry, etc.

Which forms in evaporation?

Water gets converted into vapors. Evaporation is a surface phenomenon.

What is the definition of Spectrophotometry?

The term "Spectrophotometry" refers to an instrument that is often used to determine the intensity of the various wavelengths in a spectrum of light. This tool is a part of analytical chemistry.

Which phase forms the basis for appraisals and awards?


What answer forms the basis of all organic compounds?