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In Eukaryotic cells (such as animal and plant cells), DNA is found inside the nucleus.

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Q: What the connection between nucleus and DNA?
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What is the connection between genes and the nucleus?

Genes are found on DNA, which is located inside the nucleus.

What is the connection between the nucleus and the base Adenine?

Dna consists of 4 bases, adenine is one of the four bases. the 4 bases makes up nucleotide which is a small part of dna. the dna is a small part of a chromosome which is contained in the nucleus

What is the difference between DNA strands and DNA nucleus?

There is no such thing called a DNA nucleus. I assume you mean DNA found in the nucleus. The DNA that's found in the nucleus are many DNA strands all bunched up.

What is the connection between the nucleus and the cell?

The nucleus controls the activities of the cell.

What does nocleus do?

the nucleus contains the DNA for cells that have a nucleus. However the cells that don't have a nucleus, their DNA is floating around in between the cell walls.

Is DNA a nucleus?

The nucleus contains DNA. The DNA is found in the nucleus.

Relationship between structure and function of nucleus?

The relationship between the structure and function of the nucleus is that the nucleus is an enclosed organelle and is large enough to hold the DNA. This is important because the nucleus must hold and protect the cells DNA.

What is the relationship between the nucleus DNA and ribosomes?

The nucleus is where the DNA resides, the ribosomes (in the cytoplasm) is where the data from the DNA is sent (via RNA) in order to manufacture proteins.

What molecules must pass between nucleus and cytoplasm?


Is DNA found in cells of nucleus in?

Yes,Most of DNA found in nucleus.90% of DNA is in nucleus.

How does the nucleus relate to DNA?

DNA is kept in the nucleus.

Is the DNA of cytoplasm different from the DNA of a nucleus?

There is no "DNA of the cytoplasm." The DNA resides solely in the nucleus.

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