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A hydrogen atom can make ionic bonds both by losing or gaining electrons

and can make covalent bond by sharing the electrons

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Q: What type of bonds can a hydrogen atom make?
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What is the hydogen bond?

A hydrogen bond is a type of chemical bond. A hydrogen atom bonds with either a nitrogen, fluorine, or oxygen atom to make a weak bond.

What Type of bond can hydrogen atom form?

Hydrogen bonds with hydrogen bond acceptor atoms such as Oxygen. Covalent bonds with nearly anything.

What type of bonds make up DNA?

Hydrogen Bonds

What type of bonds forms a slightly positive hydrogen atom in one molecule and slightly negative atom in another molecule?

It is called hydrogen bond.

What type of bonds hold together nitrogenous bases?

hydrogen bonds

What type of bond a hydrogen atom can form?

Hydrogen can form both ionic and covalent bonds. However, most of the bonds of Hydrogen are covalent It is capable of forming Both H+ and H- ions but they are rare.

What type of molecule is formed when an atom of carbon covalently bonds with four hydrogen atoms?

CH4 is Methane.

What type of bond will be formed between 1 carbon and 4 hydrogen's atom's?

The bonds in methane are covalent.

What type of bonds make p DNA and where in DNA do you find these bonds?

The bonds are called hydrogen bonds. You can find these bonds in the nucleotides of DNA.

Does hydrogen have one type of atom?

This question doesn't make sence as an atom is a unit. Hydrogen can be measured in number of atoms.

Is a hydrogen bond covalent?

Hydrogen bonds and covalent bonds are two completely different things. Covalent bonds share an electron, while hydrogen bonds (just for water molecules) act like magnets- the Oxygen atom has a slight negative charge and it "attracts" the Hydrogen atoms, which have a slight positive charge.

What are the intramolecular bonds in water?

There is only one type of INTRAmolecular bond involved in water. That is the covalent bonds between the oxygen atom and the two hydrogen atoms.

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