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Q: What would happen if a person is placed in a room with only carbon dioxide gas?
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What will happen to a tied balloon that has dry ice inside it when it is placed in room temperature water?

The balloon should expand because the frozen carbon dioxide (dry ice) will sublime into carbon dioxide gas when placed into the room temperature water. The gas will expand, causing the balloon to expand.

How can carbon be passed from plants and animals to human beings?

when plants and animals respire, carbon is returned to the air as carbon dioxide, and humans then beathe in the same carbon dioxide that was placed into the air by the decomposed plants and animals.

When you mix a burning splint and carbon dioxide what happens?

The burning splint cannot continue burning without oxygen. If placed in a container with only carbon dioxide, the fire will go out.

What takes place when an acid is placed on a calcite?

A chemical reaction that releases Carbon Dioxide, It "fizzes".

Why do flames go out after dry ice is placed into the same container?

Because of the carbon dioxide in the dry ice

When Acid is placed into limestone and produces carbon dioxide gas is this a physical or a chemical change?

This is a chemical change.

Is Alka-Seltzer giving off carbon dioxide when added to water a physical or chemical change?

This is a chemical change, because the carbon dioxide is created from the ingredients when placed in solution. The effervescence is caused when citric acid and sodium bicarbonate combine to form sodium citrate, releasing carbon dioxide gas.

If a plant and a burning candle are placed under a bell jar the candle will burn because the plant gives off carbon dioxide?

The candle will burn BUT it is because the plant is giving off OXYGEN and is TAKING IN carbon dioxide.

What is made of frozen carbon dioxide?

'Card ice' -which is used in theatres to mimic mist or smoke when placed in warm water.

Some salt and acid was placed in a test tube. The lime water turned milky.What is the name of this gas?

carbon dioxide

Why does a candle go out when dry ice is placed near it?

Gaseous carbon dioxide is released and this gas doesn't support burning.

What causes the balloon to inflate when it is placed over a pepsi or coke bottle and shaken?

The CO2 (Carbon dioxide) being released from the can.

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