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If the water vapor amount stayed the same, then the relative humidity would be greater.

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Q: What would happen to relative humidity in the room if the air conditioner turned on?
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What is the difference between relative humidity and dew point temperature?

relative humidity is the AMOUNT of water in the air. Dew Point is the TEMPERATURE at which the water vapor in the air is turned into liquid water.

Why does air conditioner smell like smoke when turned on?

An air conditioner should not smell like smoke when turned on (or when turned off). I would have to suspect that the electrical insulation is burning.

Why does the air conditioner smell like vinegar when turned on?

because you have too many dead babies in your air conditioner tank

Why does a Volvo 850 blows out smoke when air conditioner turned on?

The smoke is actually water vapor. This typically occurs during periods of high humidity. It could also be the result of a damp cabin air filter or a blocked condensate drain.

Daewoo matiz 2000 Car cuts out when air conditioner turned on?

1st option is that the air conditioner has ceased and is dead. There is no 2nd option.

What is the moisture in the air?

Answerevaporated water, or humidity.

2003 Ford Focus engine stalls when air conditioning is turned on?

why 2003 ford focus stall when air conditioner is turned on

Why does car screech when air conditioner is turned on?

you need to tighten your fan belt as it is moving and now slipping on the A/C pulley that you just turned on.

Why does your central air conditioner unit shake so much outside when turned on?

needs to be leveled..

Does your air conditioning work in the winter months?

An air conditioner works any time the thermostat is set lower than the ambient temperature and the air conditioner is turned on.

How does the air inside the car goes out when air conditioner is turned on?

There are usually vents under the tail lights.

Why does my Mitsubishi Galant quit when the air conditioner is turned is on?

The ac compressor may be seized or about to seize up.

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