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When you have problems with your cardiovascular system.

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Q: When should you see a cardiovascular doctor?
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How can cardiovascular diseases be treated?

You should see your doctor for regular check ups if you have cardiovascular disease. Weight bearing exercises are recommended while vigorous activity is not permitted. Eat healthy and stay active.

What is cardiovascular problem and what can cause it?

My Doctor Told Me, It can be from farting to loud, or being constipated, or even eating the wrong food. Or just maybe your digestive system isn't very good, & you should see a doctor about that.

At what temperature should you need to see a doctor?

103 is the temperature you should see a doctor at.

Should you go to your doctor for depression?

Yes you should as it can be very serious. To help you decide whether or not to go: the number one condition that gets diagnosed and prescribed in the US is depression. The largest quantity of medications produced and distributed in our country is for depression. The number one cause of cardiovascular disease is depression, and the number one cause of death is cardiovascular disease. So, from that information, if you are even thinking that you are depressed, you should see your doctor.

When should you see a doctor if you have abnormal heavy bleeding with egg sized clots?

You should see your doctor.

What is a vascular doctor called?

Cardiovascular physician

Should I see a doctor from coughing up phlegm with what looks like blood?

Yes. You should see a doctor.

What specialist kind of Dr should you see if you have temporal arteritis?

neurosurgeon or cardiovascular surgeon

What doctor specializes in the cardiovascular system?

A cardiologist is one who specializes in diagnosing disorders of the cardiovascular system.cardiologist

What doctor should you see if you have Ebola?

* *

What should you do when you get pregnant?

see a doctor

Should I see a doctor for my back pain?

There are only a few cases in which an individual should see a doctor for their back pain. In this situation, one should see a doctor because of the fact that one acquired it from falling.

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