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The nerve impulse travels through the reflex arc. It travels from the sensor through the sensory neurone, through the spinal cord and motor neurone to the effector muscle.

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Q: Where does the nerve impulse travel from the reflex arc?
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How does nerve impulse travel to the reflex arc?


What are effectors of a reflex arc?

the nerve pathways followed by an impulse during a reflex.

What is the nerve impulse from your foot to your leg called?

Reflex Arc

What is the difference between a reflex arc and a normal nerve impulse?

A reflex arc doesn't go all the way up to the brain. Thus it NEVER becomes part of the thought process.

Describe the reflex arc?

Reflex arc is the path of impulse that travels from receptor (ex. skin) to spinal cord through sensory nerve and from spinal cord to effectors (ex. muscles) through motor nerve. This impulse helps us to perform reflex action. Ex. we pull back our hand on touching any hot object.

If you accidentally step on a tack with your bare foot the pathway that the nerve impulse takes from your foot to your leg is called?

reflex arc.

How a reflex arc functions?

Sensation is carried by sensory nerve fibres. Then you have intermediate neuron. Then motor neuron. Nerve signal travels along the tract to give rise to reflex action. Simultaneously, the impulse is sent to brain.

What is the difference between a reflex arc and a non reflex arc?

The reflex arc is the nerve pathway that the signal follows. For example, the knee jerk reflex arc has a stimulus going to an interneuron in the spine and a motor neuron completes the arc by causing the knee to jerk. A reflex is just the action itself.

What is the arc refers to simple nerve pathway that would be involved with invoulntary actions?

Reflex Arc

First step in a reflex arc?

A reflex arc involves the following components:The receptor is the part of the neuron (usually a dendrite) that detects a stimulus.The sensory neuron transmits the impulse to the spinal cord.The integration center involves one synapse (monosynaptic reflex arc) or two or more synapses (polysynaptic reflex arc) in the gray matter of the spinal cord.A motor neuron transmits a nerve impulse from the spinal cord to a peripheral region.An effector is a muscle or gland that receives the impulse from the motor neuron. In somatic reflexes, the effector is skeletal muscle. In autonomic (visceral) reflexes, the effector is smooth or cardiac muscle, or a gland.

How does the reflex action help maintain homeostasis?

Homeostasis works as a negative feedback mechanism, which is a kind of reflex action. When the body detects changes in external/internal environment, the receptor will generate a nerve impulse to the coordination centre and then make a response through effector. This is a reflex arc.

What is the pathway called that signals travel along during a reflex?

It is called a reflex arc.

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