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Any outside stimulus or necessary action can trigger a chemical reaction in a cell. Indeed, just maintaining the life of the cell has huge numbers of chemical reactions. They are why we live.

An example of outside stimulus: dopamine being released in the brain to induce "happiness."
An example of necessary action: thermoregulation causing a pH change to absorb energy (lowering heat) or giving off energy (to increase heat).

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Chemical reactions in cells are catalyzed by enzymes, which are biological catalysts that lower the activation energy required for a reaction to occur. Enzymes bind to specific substrates and facilitate the conversion of reactants to products. Additionally, chemical reactions in cells are also influenced by factors such as temperature, pH, and the concentration of reactants and products.

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Q: Which can make chemical reaction occur in cell?
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Where the chemical reaction take place in a cell?

Chemical reactions in a cell occur in the cytoplasm, mitochondria, and other organelles. Enzymes facilitate these reactions by speeding up the conversion of substrate molecules into products. Each organelle has a specific function, and these interactions between organelles contribute to the overall functioning of the cell.

Where the chemical reactions take place in the?

whan a sperm cell enter the egg cell and make a baby thats the huge chemical reaction

Where do all chemical reactions occur in a cell?

whan a sperm cell enter the egg cell and make a baby thats the huge chemical reaction

To make a chemical reaction occur the activation energy is the energy that?

To make a chemical reaction occur, the activation energy is the energy needed to initiate the reaction by overcoming the energy barrier between reactants and products. This energy requirement ensures that the reactants have enough energy to break existing bonds and form new ones during the reaction. It ultimately determines the rate at which a reaction proceeds.

What changes can you observe when cemical reactions occur?

It depends on the chemical reaction. For example when you burn something it is a chemical reaction, but that is way different than if you mix baking soda and vinegar which is also a chemical reaction. It changes the matter into a different chemical matter make up of that substance.

What is the small triangle above the horizontal arrow in a chemical equation?

It means heat was supplied to make the reaction occur.

What is a chemical reaction in which the products reform the original reactant?

A reversible reaction is one where the products can reform the original reactants. Forward and reverse reactions occur simultaneously until equilibrium is reached. This can be represented by a double arrow in a chemical equation.

What do enzymes change about the amount of energy required to make chemical reaction occur?

Enzymes lower the activation energy required for a chemical reaction to occur. This allows the reaction to happen more quickly and efficiently by providing an alternative pathway that is energetically favorable. Enzymes do not affect the overall energy change of the reaction.

How do enzyme in your body make chemical reactions occur at safe temperatures?

how does enzymes in your body make chemical reactions occur at safe temperature

Is used to lower the energy required to make a reaction take place It makes chemical reactions go faster without being consumed?

A catalyst is used to lower the activation energy needed for a chemical reaction to occur. It increases the reaction rate without being consumed in the reaction itself.

What chemical reaction can be used to make a liquid less alkaline?

This chemical reaction is called neutralization.

Can you make a sentence using chemical reaction?

I got a chemical reaction in the science lab today.