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Deep Fascia,they are also categorized as dense regular as well. :)

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2012-09-26 00:18:21
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Q: Which connective tissue surrounds a muscle and blends with the tendon?
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Which of these refers to the dense connective tissue that surrounds a muscle and blends with the tendon?

deep fascia

Explain a tendon and its functions?

Tendons are extremely tough acellular/fibrous components that connect muscle to bone. Understand that the tendon does not have a clear beginning and end. Rather, it emerges out of bone and blends gradually into muscle connective tissue.

How is an aponeurosis different from a tendon?

Tendon is a dense regular connective tissue, that attches muscle to bone. Aponeirosis is a broad sheet of connective tissue, tendon like, connecting muscle to other muscle or bone.

What is the tough connective tissue that ties the gastronomic muscle to the calcaneous muscle?

Tendocalcaneus or TendoArchille's or Calcaneal tendon or Archille's tendon.

Cord of connective tissue that joins a muscle to a bone?


What kind of skeletal connective tissue attaches muscle to bone?

tendon (:

Medical term for connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone?


What is a fibrous connective tissue that joins muscle to bone in vertebrates?


Connective tissue that attaches muscle to bone is?

It is called a tendon.

What is the band of connective tissue that attaches the gastrocnemius muscle to the heel?

Achilles Tendon

A narrow strip of dense connective tissue that connects muscle to bone?

A tendon.

What part of the muscle attaches the muscle to the bone?

Tendon are a fibrous connective tissue that connect muscle to bone. Tendons aren't muscle, they're connective tissue. Ligaments are another type of connective tissue that connect bone to bone.

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