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A myeloid cell is any leukocyte (white blood cell) that is not a lymphocyte. These are white blood cells that function as part of the immune system, and defend the body against disease and infection. Under normal conditions, leukocytes only account for about 1% of the blood supply. When you become sick, the body makes more leukocytes to combat invading or damaged cells.

There are seven types of leukocytes, six of which are classified as myeloid cells:

# Neutrophils: defend against bacterial and fungal infections, dead cells become pus # Eosinophils: primarily defend against parasitic infections # Basophils: generally involved in allergic response, they release antihistimines # Monocytes: work with Neutrophils to remove dead cells and debris from the blood # Microphages: Consume and digest pathogens and stimulate other leukocytes # Dendritic cells: process antigens, which aids the body in developing immune response The seventh type of leukocyte is the lymphocyte, which is mainly found in the lymphatic system, and comprise three types of cells (B-cells, T-cells, and Natural killer cells) that fight viral infection and tumors, make antibodies, and coordinate the immune response against intracellular bacteria. Leukocytes are not classified as myeloid cells.

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Q: Which leukocytes are not considered lymphocytes?
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