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Q: Which material is used of soldering wire?
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What is soldering wire used for?

To join copper wires or pipes to each other.

What is soldering lead?

Lead solder is a mixture (alloy) of lead and tin (in different proportions) that has a lower melting point than either of the components. It is used to join metal components together in electronics, lead and zinc came in stained glass windows etc. There are also silver and gols solders for jewelry.

What tools do you need for soldering?

a good soldering iron and solder. if you are soldering wire splices I recommend using shrink tube too

What are the advantages of soldering?

Soldering can be used to make a reliable connection between two pieces of copper wire that is less likely to develop a fault than other ways of making the connection.

Explain how to apply tinning technique in soldering?

Strip the wire to desired length. Then hold the wire horizontally and hold the soldering iron underneath the stripped part while holding the solder on the top of the wire. When the wire gets hot enough it will suck the solder into the wire

What is the purpose of core in hollow solder wire?

To facilitate the soldering process, a chemical material called flux can be used to remove oxidation from the surface, keep the air from oxidizing the surfaces during soldering, and to aid in the flow of solder through the joint. Fluxes can be found within the solder (cored solder) or separately in paste form.

What material is used to make galvanometer wire?

phosphor bronze

Which material is used in manufacture of torsional pendulum wire?


A material that can be streached into a wire?

a material that can be stretched into a wire

What does a wire splice mean?

A wire splice is a specific type of connection between two wires that does not involve soldering.

What is soldering iron and how do you use it?

Soldering iron is used in heating the metal for soldering. If you want to learn more about soldering iron visit

What is hook up wire?

Hook-up wire is small-to-medium gauge, solid or stranded, insulated wire, used for making internal connections inside electrical or electronic devices. It is often tin-plated to facilitate soldering.

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