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Q: Which units of measurement would be most useful for measuring the length of a swimming pool?
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What units measurement would be a most useful for measuring the volume of a sliced bread?

The best units would be millimetres for the length measurements and millilitres for the volume.

Why are units of measurement useful?

Units of measurement provide a standard to measure mass, length etc.So, it is useful.

Is the meter centimeter or millimeter more useful for measuring the width and length of your classroom?

It is by the meter

Is the meter centimeter or millimeter the more useful for measuring the length and width of the classroom?


What is the smallest measurement?

Hmm, it's not a yoctometer, it's actually a planck length, that's apparently the size of quantam foam. However, calling the planck length a 'measurement' is a little misleading since we have no means whatever of actually measuring things that small and we may never have. It is useful currently only in theoretical work. See the discussion and modify your question if necessary.

Why do you call a measuring stick a ruler?

They are in fact two different devices that are commonly mistaken. A "measuring stick" is a stick of a given length that is used to reference another object from it's total length. These usually have no markings as such, or any calibrated length. A "ruler" (aka straightedge) IS calibrated and has measurement markings. It is used to "rule" straight lines to an exacting measurement. Originally designed for the engineering industry, they have been useful in countless other areas throught history. A 2 second google search revealed this:

What is the function of tape measure?

Tape measures are useful for measuring distances that are too large to measure with your ruler.

Would measuring stars be useful for scientific notation?

You have it in reverse. Scientific notation is useful for measuring stars.

What type of measurement would be useful for measure the length of a river?

You can use a satellite to measure the length of a river.I guess using satellite is the only option today to measure the length of river.The unit miles is used to measure the length of the river.

What would be most useful for measuring 2 pounds of flour?

what would be useful for measuring 2 pounds of flour

What are ducks feet and falcons feet useful for?

they are useful for swimming

Would you use square units for a swimming pool?

No. I would use linear units if measuring the swim distance or cubic units if measuring the volume of water. Square units might be useful to see how many people could use the pool before it got crowded but that would depend on whether they were there for swimming or splashing about.

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