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New scientific models are developed in order to reflect the most recent discoveries.

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2014-09-18 13:37:07
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Q: Why are the new scientific models developed?
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Why are new scientific models developed?

New scientific models are developed in order to reflect the most recent discoveries.

Why was the scientific model developed?

Well if we didn't have any models and so we would not have any models

Can scientific models be changed?

Yes. Scientific models are constantly being reworked based upon new pieces of evidence and research.

What is the goal of scientific models?

The goal of scientific models is that the scientific models help see something more clearly in science.

Can models be changed after they are created?

Yes, they certainly can. Modification of intellectual models in the light of new evidence is one of the cornerstones of the scientific process.

Why do you have scientific models?

Although scientific models are not fully accurate depictions of scientific and/or natural phenomena, scientific models are utilized to simplify and create an accessible medium in which complex scientific phenomena can be simplified into a compact and accessible format.

Who developed the scientific method?

Francis Bacon developed the scientific method!!

Are scientific models only models of things that exist?


What can't scientific models show?

Scientific models can't show 100% of the reality that they model. Models are necessarily simplified versions of reality.

When do scientific models need to be changed?

Scientific models are continually refined through experimentation. When experimental results, which violate the model, have been confirmed by a third-party then scientists seeks to change the model such that the results can be explained.

Is it true scientific models are based on current knowledge which can limit their effectiveness when new discoveries are made?


Explain how the development of atomic models demonstrates the scientific process?

explain how the development of atomic models demonsrates the scientific prosess

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