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Q: Why are the three types of fat in human fat tissue colored brown white and yellow?
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Why the human waste is yellow colored?

The human digestive system processes the food you eat and works out unnecessary nutrients for you to excrete later. These unnecessary nutrients are combined with a substance called "bile" - the liquids you consume are combined with yellow bile and the solids you consumer with brown - that alters the appearance of the food and drinks you eat/drink.

The human characteristics of Indonesia?

Typically, Indonesians have caramel colored skin, brown eyes, and dark brown to black hair. Hopefully this answers your question.

What is the colour of liver in humans?

The human liver as a color ranging from dark red to brown. Anyway the hepatic tissue is not homogeneous, so there are areas of with yellow or green, which denotes the presence of bile, one of the more important products of liver function.

What is the function of the fat (adipose) tissue?

Heat production in the absence of shivering is called nonshivering thermogenesis. This is the major function of brown adipose tissue (brown fat). (Human Physiology 12th edition Stuart Ira Fox <p667>)

What makes human feces green?

Green stools are generally caused by eating dark-colored foods and especially drinks. So if you enjoy drinking purple and blue drinks, your feces may be green instead of the usual brown color. The reason it becomes green is because bile is yellow, and yellow and blue make green.

What is the chemical formula for human tissue?

There is no formula for human tissue. Liver tissue, kidney tissue, muscle, everything else is different. Besides that human tissue is a mixture of substances. Mixtures have no exact formula.

What is the hardest tissue in the human body?

The hardest tissue in the human body is ENAMEL.

What is human tissue?

a human tissue is a group of cells that perform the same function

Four types of human tissue?

Epithelial tissue, nearve tissue,connective tissue,muscal tissue!

How many tissue types are found in the human body?

The human body has 4 primary tissue types: epithelium, connective tissue, nervous tissue, and muscle.

An example of a tissue in the human body?

Muscle tissue

The colored part of the human eyes is the?

the colored part of the eye is called the IRIS

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