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From structure, comes function. Cells have differentiated into different shapes based on the functions they are tasked to carry out.

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Q: Why do the nerve cell and the sperm cell have different structures and shapes?
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What is the general shape of a nerve cell How does this shape differ Grimm the shape of a sperm or a skin-?

Sperm and skin comes in different colors and shapes. Sperm and skin come in long elongated and branched at an end.

How are the shapes of cells related to their function?

all cells have different purposes. think of a sperm cell, or a nerve cell, a sperm cell has a tail that it allows it to swim in its desired direction and the nerve cell has many different endings for all the necessary information to travel trough.

What is the different the chromosomes in a nerve cell and sperm cell?


In a sperm cell what important structures are found inside the nuclaeus?

The important structures that are found inside of nucleus of a sperm cell are chromosomes. Sperm cells have two different chromosomes, one X and one Y.

What are the main structures you could have observed when you removed the exoskeleton of the abdomen of the crayfish?

You could observe the ventral nerve cord, intestine, sperm duct, openign of sperm duct, ganglion, and rectum

How do different structures work together to allow sperm to travelling from the testes to outside of the body?

the sperm goes through the vagina.

What structures store sperm?

The sperm is stored in the epididymis.

Structures in the sperm that provide energy?

The structures in the sperm that provide energy are known as mitochondria. They have a main function of producing motility for the human sperm.

Is a nerve a gamete?

No. A nerve is made up of neuron cells, and is part of the nervous system. A gemete is a different sort of cell, such as a sperm or egg, that is part of the reproductive system.

What are the different types of animal cells?

These are only some A cheek cell A nerve cell A sperm cell I hope I have helped you

What structures are involved in producing sperm?


What is the general shape of a nerve cell How does this shape differ Grimm the shape of a sperm or a skin?

The general shape of a nerve cell is long elongated and branched at an end. It come in different shape and sizes.

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