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It could be that your ignition wires are getting wet and grounding out. You might want to replace the spark plug wires and coil wire.

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Q: Why does your Hyundai xg300 stall when you drive through water?
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Where is the water pump on a 2001 Hyundai Sonata?

The water pump on a 2001 Hyundai Sonata is close to the radiator. It is under the bypass hose, radiator hose, and accessory drive belts.

Can water pumps stall vehicles?

can water pumps stall vehicles

Why did my 2012 chysler 300 stall while driving through water?

The ignition system got wet.

Can water from the roadway cause a vehicle to stall?

No. The water on the road won't make your vehicle stall.

Why do landcruisers have a snorkel?

For those Landcruisers that are equipped with a snorkel, it allows the vehicle to cross through bodies of water which normally would be impassable. The snorkel is attached to the air intake for the engine and effectively raises the location of the air intake such that the vehicle can drive through water that normally would be sucked into the air intake causing a stall.

Would water flood cause engine sensor failure?

Driving through flood water would cause the ignition to fail and stall the engine.

Can a bad water pump cause your car to stall?

A bad water pump can cause your car to stall if the bearing has failed or it is causing overheating. A seized bearing will put excessive strain on the engine and stall it out.

Why did your car stall while driving through water?

stalling while driving thru water is caused by water getting into the electrics.usaully the water has been thrown over engine by the fan and the spark plugs and distributer have got wet once theses are died out the car will usually run again. this is one reason, emergency agencies tell you not to drive thru water

What causes a car to stall when driving through a puddle of water?

if it is a big puddle the water when splashed might be hiting a sensor if it is a big puddle the water when splashed might be hiting a sensor

How to change water pump on 95 Hyundai scoupe?

How to change a water pump on a 94 hyundai scoupe?

Why are there grooves on tires?

So the water you drive through will be channelled through the grooves to prevent aquaplaning.

Can you drive your boat through a water spout?

maybe if you had an oil tanker

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