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The DNA is like a blueprint that tells the organism's Cells what to do - just like giving orders.

The Blueprint of Life:

Every cell in your body has the same "blueprint" or the same DNA. Like the blueprints of a house tell the builders how to construct a house, the DNA "blueprint" tells the cell how to build the organism. Yet, how can a heart be so different from a brain if all the cells contain the same instructions? Although much work remains in genetics, it has become apparent that a cell has the ability to turn off most genes and only work with the genes necessary to do a job. We also know that a lot of DNA apparently is nonsense and codes for nothing. These regions of DNA that do not code for proteins are called "introns", or sometimes "junk DNA". The sections of DNA that do actually code from proteins are called "exons".

Because Dna contains all of the instructions for each and every function of Cells that make up all living organisms.

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2022-03-28 09:00:35
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DNA determines how the plant or animal looks and performs. If your DNA were to change, then a mutation might occur and you might not look like a human anymore.

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it controls everything that will happen in a cell

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Q: Why is DNA called called the blueprint of life?
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