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It helps people find elements on the periodic table.

yes that and more it also tells you the atomic number and mass of those elements
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The first periodic table of elements Mendeleev created contained only 45 elements

Elements like barium located toward the bottom of a group have a lower attraction for their valence electrons because they have a

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The elements are arranged systematically. so it is easier to study the elements.

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Q: Why is the periodic table is so useful?
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Is the periodic table useful?

The periodic table is very useful.

Why was mendelevv's periodic table useful?

it wasn't

How are periods useful in the periodic table?

The no of period of periodic table tells the no of shells in atoms, so their atomic sizes and other physical properties may be imagined.

Why is the organization of the periodic table useful?

easier to find elaments on the table

Why is the modern periodic table useful?

The Modern Periodic Table is useful because using the symbols are much easier than writing out the whole word.

How is the periodic table of elements useful?

The periodic table is useful because it tells you what the elements name is, chemical symbol, atomic mass, and atomic number.

How is the periodic table scientist useful today?

There are many ways in which the periodic table is useful to scientists today including showing elemental patterns. Elements on the table are grouped together by like properties.

How is the periodic table a useful tool?

The periodic table is a useful tool because it contains names of elements in an organized way and in accordance with their properties. If a person wishes to find out about the characteristics of a specific element, all he or she has to do is look at its position on the periodic table.

What feature of Mendeleev's periodic table made it so useful?

Mendeleev's table was useful because it indentifies the elements, and classifies them as metals, non metals or metalloids, as well as noble gases.

The periodic table is arranged so what is increasing?

The periodic table is arranged so what is increasing.

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