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because the home goes cold and if you insulate your home there will be heat and warmth in your home

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Q: Why should homes be insulated?
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How many houses is insulated?

All newer construction homes are insulated.

Should furnace closet be insulated with drywall?

Yes, it should

What is the metal used in most electricity conductors?

For normal wiring (inside homes and businesses), insulated copper is used. For long distance transmission, insulated aluminum is used because it is lighter but still a relatively good conductor.

What do people from Great Lakes St Lawrence Lowlands live in?

People in this area live in houses, or apartments. Homes are insulated and have central heating.

Can you have a wood burning stove in your mobile home?

Yes, you can in many mobile homes, if it's an approved design and has a double insulated flue pipe.

What is the difference between a B vent and A vent?

A vent is non insulated and should be boxed in on the outside of your home. B vent is insulated and can be left exposed,

Why should the cbi be insulated from influence of government?

CBI should be insulated from influence of the government as it helps them to be better able to complete their jobs. Care must be taken to prevent them from exceeding their legal boundaries however.

What characteristic should a container to transport hot or cold TCS food have?


Can a Refrigerator be next to a heat water heater?

sure! but I would make sure the water heater is insulated with a good insulated cover (which it should be no matter where it's located)

A sentence with the word insulated?

I can give you several sentences.The house is insulated against lightning strikes.Wear your insulated boots out in the snow.She is insulated by layers of clothing.

Why should the water pipes in houses be well insulated?

Because you lose heat if they are bare.

Why aluminium wires are not insulated?

Aluminum wires are insulated.

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