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to make transportation quicker in Pakistan

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2011-09-13 16:48:12
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Q: Why was the first motorway built in Pakistan?
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What was the first motorway to be built in Britain?

The M1 (motorway 1)

When was the first motorway built?

The first main motorway in the UK was the M1 which opened in 1959.

What was the first motorway built in England?

The Preston bypass was built to motorway standard and was eventually absorbed into the M6 but it is generally accepted that the M1 was the first motorway and it opened in 1959

Where was the first motorway built?

The first section of Britain's first motorway, the M1, was opened between Watford and Rugby on 2-Nov-1959.

Who built the first motorway in England?

The Preston Bypass, the first section of what is now the M6 was the first motorway in the country, built by Tarmac Construction and opened by the then Prime Minister, Harold Macmillam on 5 December 1958.

In what country was the first motorway built and what year?

The year was 1921 in Italy.

How many salt ranges in Pakistan and where?

salt range on motorway pakistan

Where was the first motorway in Europe?

The first motorway every built in the whole world was the Autostrada dei Laghi (or Milano - Laghi) in Italy, opened in 1924. It connected Milan to the city of Como. Many people believe that Germany built the first motorway. However, the AVUS was not a public road, it was a race track to test cars, so it cannot be called "motorway".

When was the date of the first motorway?

In Germany, motorways (Autobahnen) were built in the 1930s, but the first in the UK was opened in 1958.

What was the first motorway in the UK called?

The first stretch of Motorway in the UK was the Preston Bypass, which now forms part of the M6. The M and A numbers do not indicate which order they were built in, but are allocated geographically.

What year was the first motorways in Britain built?

The 'Preston Bypass' in Lancashire was the first Motorway standard road to be opened in 1959. Later becoming part of the 'M6' Motorway. But the first full length Motorway to open in 1959 was the 'M1' running the length of the Country.See the related link below.

When was the first SOS village built in Pakistan?

the first SOS village was built in Pakistan in 1975 in Lahore. hpe u gt an ans.... bst of luck!!!

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