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Because they didn't move about about as most animals do. =)

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Sponges were once thought to be plants because they exhibit some plant-like characteristics, such as their stationary nature and lack of obvious sensory organs. Additionally, they can resemble certain aquatic plants in appearance.

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they thought that sponges were one celled

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Q: Why were sponges once thought to be plants?
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What did early biologists think sponges where?

they thought they were plants

Did people once think sponges were plants?

cause they looked funny like donkeys!!!!!!!!

Do sponges have shells?

No. Sponges only have a few different types of cells and are among the most divergent animal species. They are sessile and were formerly thought to be plants.

How sponges live?

They filter the water for food. Scientists thought they were plants for a long time. They now say they are animals.

What is sponges plants or animals?

Sponges are animals of the phylum Porifera

What did people think sponges were 200 years ago?

200 years ago, people believed that sponges were plants rather than animals. This misconception was due to their appearance and the fact that they are sessile (immobile) creatures that often resemble underwater vegetation. It wasn't until the 19th century that scientists discovered the true nature of sponges as simple animals.

What are two autrotrophs?

plants and sponges

What are more underwater plants?

Coral, Seaweed and Sponges

Why do you confuse sponges with plants?

Sponges look like plants. They do not appear to move and they are firmly attached to their substrate as if by roots. Unless you follow a sponge's life cycle, and see that the young sponges are motile, swimming freely in the water, and observe that sponges are not photosynthetic, obtaining their food by filtering microscopic organisms from the water, you might be confused.

How many young do tube sponges have at once?


Is sponge a fungi?

Because we wanted to call them sponges. Sponges belong to the animal kingdom since they are heterotrophic. Fungi derive food from breaking doown orgainc material in soil. Sponges feed on existing material. This is the difference.

Why do scientists classify a sponge as a simple animal and not a plant?

Scientists classify sponges as simple animals because they are multicellular organisms that lack tissues and organs found in more complex animals. Sponges also feed by filtering particles from water, which is a characteristic of animals rather than plants.