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The upstream supply has been interrupted.

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Q: Why would there be no power to a switch?
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What alteration would occur if a single pole switch is reconnected to become a master switch?

If a single pole switch is wired to be a master switch, the switch would have to be in the on position for any other control devices to operate. Turning the master switch off would eliminate power to all devices (and/or loads) which it was serving. For example, some homes have a switch to control their outside light. If the outside light has a photo eye (the light will only come on at night), the switch is the master switch. Another example would be the breakers in an electrical panel. Each breaker would be the "master switch" for the circuit it protects. The main breaker in the panel would be the "master switch" for the entire home.

How do you install a doorbell with four wires both having black and red wires?

It depends on what the wires are connected to and where the power supply is located. If the switch is lighted power has to get to the switch for the light. With a lighted switch you have a hot supply side, a neutral and then the wire going to the bell. So if Black 1 and Red 1 are supply voltage you would connect Red 1 to the hot side of switch, Black 1 would go to common as would Black 2. Red 2 would go to Bell side of the switch.

How can you get constant power to a receptacle after a light switch?

You'd need to branch the circuit before the switch. This can be immediately before the switch, in the box that holds the switch, but you can't get constant power from a switched circuit after its been switched.

How do you use a 14-3 wire for Switch and Power?

you need 2 , 3 way switches on the switch you will have 3 poles 1 will be copper 2 will be silver your 1 copper is power or switch your 2 silver are travelers to toggle the power back and forth , you use the black and red wires for the travelers and use the white for the power on one switch and the white to the other to the light with your neutral ---- power---* *--------* *---switch powered *--------*

Can you replace a 3-way light switch with a standard switch and cap off the wires or can you use the 3-way switch and make it into a standard switch?

It can be done but it requires knowledge about how a 3way is wired to convert it to a regular switch. It would involve testing live wires to determine where power starts at. You can't just replace one switch.

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If there is no power running through a circuit what position is the switch?

The switch would be open.

Why would the system power on when the power switch in the back is flipped but does not boot until the front power button is pushed?

The switch on the back is the switch for the power supply only. The computer boots from the main power switch on the front. This particular method of switching was introduced with the ATX power supplies.

What is the power switch and were is the power switch?


Why is a switch on a socket in series with the live wire?

For safety it removes all power from the socket. if the switch was in series with the neutral wire the socket would still have power on it with the switch off and dangerous shocks would e possible!

Why is there no power to your fuel pump fuse 1984 Chevy Celebrity?

I would expect that the power for the fuel pump would be supplied through the ignition switch so I would start there, that is check the ignition switch.

Why is there 120 volts at switched circuit at all times?

There has to be, that is why a switch was installed to stop it,but it must be hot before the switch or there would be no power to do what it was intended for. If you are talking there is power after the switch at all times, the switch is bad and needs to be replaced.

Why would someone switch to solar power?

if they lived in a sunny place

Would a power steering switch cause the fluid to be pumped out of the resevoiur?


Why would the lights on 2001 dodge 1500 not come on?

The switch is likely bad. Check the power going in and out of the switch.

Can you power a light switch power to switch then to light from a switch beside the one you want hot the switch that you want to take power from has the white as hot switch after light?

I can not understand your question.

What is a logic controlled power switch?

Sounds like a switch that would only provide power if a condition is met, i.e a lamp timer. I'm not positive though.

Why would power to a light switch stop by itself?

It didn't. There is a problem somewhere.

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