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News is disseminated to the people through various mediums such as television, radio, newspapers, social media, and online platforms. It is typically delivered by journalists and media organizations who gather information, verify facts, and present it to the public in an accessible and timely manner. Additionally, news can also be shared through word of mouth and community engagement.

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Q: How news is disseminated to the people?
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The informations about the new technology was disseminated at the exhibition, news, and TV shows widely.

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At the conference, news about a patented product was disseminated by the company representatives.

How was the news disseminated during the days of the revolutionary war?

By newspapers.

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to whom is a report disseminated to and how is it done

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Yes, a person with disseminated shingles should be on contact and respiratory isolation.

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People who talk on the news are news reporters

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News travels fast in the village of Umuofia in "Things Fall Apart" because gossip spreads quickly through word of mouth. People gather in the marketplace to exchange information and rumors, and the town crier spreads important news throughout the village using a large bell. Additionally, the presence of the egwugwu, who have the power to enforce justice and settle disputes, ensures that information is disseminated efficiently among the community.

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