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Both "write in the paper" and "write on the paper" are correct phrases, but they have slightly different meanings. "Write in the paper" typically means to write within the boundaries of the paper, while "write on the paper" can imply writing on the surface of the paper.

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Q: Write in the paper or on the paper?
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I write on the paper What it's passive voice?

"The paper is written on by me" is the passive equivalent of "I write on the paper."

What do writers write on?

Writers write on paper.

How do you write a webpage on paper?

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Do not try to write the introduction to your paper first.

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Write the abstract when your paper is near completion.

How do you write a five page paper?

Well, first you have to find a large topic, that you could write a five page paper on, then, you write it.

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To write something down means just to write it onto paper. If you had someone do this, then you asked or told them to write it onto paper.

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How you write a paper on conseving enery on Fossil Fuels

Can you write and erase on photo paper?

Photo paper is not typically designed for writing on as it can damage the print quality or the paper surface. If you write on photo paper, the ink may not bond properly and could smear. It is not recommended to write on photo paper meant for printing photographs.

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