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Loss of blood is called Haemorrhage and one can label it as severe, moderate or mild depending upon the severity of bleeding

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Q: Excessive loss of blood from a part?
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What can happen with excessive blood loss?

You might faint from excessive blood loss, or if it too much is lost it can lead to death.

What is hypovolic shock?

Excessive loss of blood

What are the advantages of blood clotting when cut?

It stops bacteria entering the blood.

What term refers to the loss of bodily fluids?

Dehydration is the medical term referring to a general loss of body fluids. Hemorrhage is loss of blood, and polyuria is excessive urination. Ptyalism is excessive salivation.

What is hemorrhagic anemia?

Excessive loss of red blood cells and hemoglobin due to bleeding

What hormones are released in response to excessive blood loss?

Epinephrine by adrenal glands to stimulate vasoconstriction

Anorexia nervosa is charachterized by self starvation and what excessive loss?

excessive muscle loss

What are two ways someone can be anemic?

Someone can become anemic from excessive blood loss, inadequate production of red blood cells, or excessive destruction of red blood cells. For instance, frequent and/or heavy menstruation can lead to anemia.

What are the factors that decrease blood pressure?

Rest or sleep, Depressant drugs, shock, dehydration, hemorrage (excessive loss of blood), and fasting (not eating).

What are plateletsanswer in 2 lines?

Platelets are a type of blood cell which prevent excessive blood loss. They stick together to create blood clots, and are manufactured 'to order' when we bleed.

What is the medical term meaning severe loss of blood?

hemorrhageHemorrhage is the medical term meaning excessive flow of blood.HemorrhageHemorrhage

What causes you to be low on iron and low on blood?

Low iron is most often simply due to low intake in the diet. Other than this, it may be low due to excessive iron loss, which can in turn be caused by blood loss e.g. due to menstruation. Being "low on blood", i.e. a low total blood volume can have entirely different causes. On the one hand, this can also be due to excessive blood loss, though this would require a large wound. On the other hand however, defects in the kidney's water retention mechanisms can lead to excessive loss of water in the urine and thereby reduction of the blood volume (and consequently increase in blood concentration).

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