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Perineal care is the washing of the genital and rectal areas of the body. Perineal care should be done at least one time a day during the bed bath, shower, or tub bath. It is done more often when a client is incontinent. Perineal care prevents infection, odors and irritation.

As with all procedures, introduce yourself to the client, explain what you are about to do, identify the patient and maintain privacy, caring, respect, comfort and safety throughout the task. Wash your hands, assemble your supplies and equipment, observe standard precautions, and don on gloves just before beginning the procedure.

Perineal care for female patients:

  • Fill the basin with water to a temperature the patient is okay with
  • Position the female patient on their back,
  • Put a protective cover over the bed linen,
  • Separate the labia and wash, rinse and dry the urethral area first with short downward strokes alternating from side to side and proceeding until the exposed area around the urethra is done,
  • Then rinse the cloth or use a new washcloth,
  • Wash the groin on the outside of the labia from the front to the back starting outside the labia and then going to the inside of the thighs,
  • Then rinse the cloth,
  • Turn the person on their side,
  • and wash, rinse and dry the rectal area.

Perineal care for male patients

  • fill the bath basin with clean water at 110 degrees,
  • position the male patient on their back,
  • put a protective cover over the bed linen,
  • wash the groin from the front to the back starting at the groin area and then going to the inside of the thighs,
  • then rinse the cloth or use a new washcloth,
  • pull back the foreskin if the patient is not circumcised,
  • wash and rinse the tip of the penis downward while using gentle, circular motions and then the scrotum,
  • rinse the cloth,
  • turn the person on their side,
  • and wash, rinse and dry the rectal area.
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Q: How do nurses give their patients perineal care?
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Historically, nurses were called "handmaidens" to physicians. However, a nurse's role has always had an important and separate role from physicians. Medicine and nursing complement each other, but can not replace each other. Nurses are the primary observers in healthcare. But, more than observing, they act to prevent complications, control and reduce illness, and restore health. They also do patient teaching (and often educate new residents ;-) Nurses operate under both a medical care plan by completing doctors' orders, but also function under a nursing care plan they create for each patient. They watch for common problems (such as after surgery) and develop a plan of care that addresses the whole patient. As the patient's condition changes, so does the nursing care plan and nursing actions. Within minutes, a nurse can go from administering routine medications and IVs to dealing with a medical crisis to dealing with a code to comforting family or reassuring them through education about what is happening to a loved one. In direct patient care, nurses can change a bed as easily as changing a surgical dressing with sterile technique, or teach a new diabetic how to give self-injections as easily as titrating medication in an IV. Without nurses, patients would lie in their own urine or feces without being changed; would suffer needless pain, complications, fear, etc. Without nurses to teach aspects of self-care, patients would more often return to hospital care due to preventable complications. Without nurses teaching aspects of normal anatomy, more patients would still believe mistaken information or feel confused about what is happening inside the body. Without nurses to answer patient's questions, more patients would worry more about insignificant symptoms but possibly ignore more important ones. Nurses work in many areas, from school or community health to hospital wards to nursing homes to prisons. In hospitals, nurses staff all usual areas from the ER to medical or surgical wards, to spinal recovery and rehab. Skilled nurses work around the clock to save lives in cardiac wards, ICU, and NICU for premie babies. Without the hands-on and skilled nursing care, more lives would be lost in all institutions that employ nurses. And, for nurses who are moms and dads, they put band-aids on their kids better than anyone! :-)

Do all nurses give injections?

In NZ only those who have trained & registered as a Nurse are permitted by law to call themself a Nurse. All Nurses can give injections. Joy E Millar RN

How do nurses help patients?

We do a variety of things. We are not simply physician extenders. We work with doctors not for them. We have scientific knowledge. We have degrees and professional licenses. We must assess you. We must listen to your lungs and we must look at your extremities. We give medications. We teach. We supervise unlicensed people .

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What are a nurses duties?

duties of nurses is to take care of patients in the hospital .if the patients are feeling lonely then the nurses are the only ones that can interact with them . nurses provide care to the patients to cure health give them medicines .

Why is it important to give perineal care to a patient with catheter?

to prevent infection, odours and irritation

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nurses is a gift of god and she care of patient to give health

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Nurses that give children and babies' there medicine have to use the patients weight to calculate how much medicine to give them.

How do doctors help patients in need?

give them care and medicine

Why Nurses works in call center?

Nurses work in call centers to talk to potential patients. The nurse can give advice as to whether the patient should come to the hospital or not.

How are the nurse the same as doctor?

Nurses are the same as doctors because they both help people get cured and they both have medicine to help their ill or damaged patients. They both take really good care of their patients because it is their job to save people from dieing and giving them surgery of medical help. After all, they get payed for that. However, doctors are on a more higher level than nurses because doctors get to apply surgery on their patients, but nurses can only give medicine if needed or something like that. If you are in a school, you would notice that nurses in the school don't do surgery, they just give ice or let you call your parents. Well, because nurses can't handle that, that's why there are doctors. Honestly, if you think about it, they are both helping their patients but doctors are on a more higher level than nurses. Your very welcome whoever is reading what I wrote.

What jobs need vocational nurse jobs?

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs), or licensed vocational nurses (LVNs), care for people who are sick, injured, convalescent, or disabled under the direction of physicians and registered nurses. (The work of physicians and surgeons and of registered nurses is described elsewhere in the Handbook.) The nature of the direction and supervision required varies by State and job setting. LPNs care for patients in many ways. Often, they provide basic bedside care. Many LPNs measure and record patients' vital signs such as height, weight, temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration. They also prepare and give injections and enemas, monitor catheters, dress wounds, and give alcohol rubs and massages.

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Nurses should be caring, sympathetic, responsible, and detail oriented. They must be able to direct or supervise others, correctly assess patients' conditions, and determine when consultation is required. They need emotional stability to cope with human suffering, emergencies, and other stresses.

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to be able to give the proper care to patients....

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