Should you were a bra to bed?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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if you wear a bra in the day its ok but wearing one in the night can mishape your boobs

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Q: Should you were a bra to bed?
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Wearing a bra to bed?

Wearing a bra to bed isn't good for you. It isn't allowing blood to circulate everywhere it's supposed to. You should always make sure you take your bra, and underwear off before you go to bed. Undergarments aren't meant for sleeping in.

What age should you start wearing a bra to bed?

Never. The breast tissue needs to rest from the bra and does not feel good if always pressed together.

What do girls wear to bed?


Is it good for you to wear a bra to bed?

its up to yourself some times if you have a bra with wire around its extremely itchy in bed but i always wear one even in bed

Is it wronge to wear a bra to bed?

Many people believe that is wrong to wear a bra to bed because it can cause strain on the back by wearing a bra. It can be good for the breast to have the support of the bra at night though it really is personal preference.

What people remove before going to bed?


Do you have to wear a bra to bed if your a kid?

If you want to, I do, but you don't have to!

Is it ok to wear a bra to bed?

not if youre a tree

Should you wear your bra to bed?

Probably not. It's better to let your boobs air out after being in a bra for practically the whole day. I mean your not going anywhere when you sleep so why do you need to hold them up?

Does wearing a bra to bed make a difference to your size?

Never wear a bra to bed. It will restrict blood circulation to the little capillaries in your breast tissue, which may cause your breasts not to develop to their full potential. Slip the bra off before you go to bed to allow your breasts to also have a rest!

Is it bad to were a bra at night?

Well u should take off your bra at night so your breast can form more and only were it day time not night time take it off before bed time

Does wearing a bra to bed cause cancer if you have breast implants?

No it does not.