Does the us mint have special offers?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Does the us mint have special offers?
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When did the US Mint produce Special Mint Sets sets?

SMS were made in 1965,1966 and 1967

Why was the us mint made?

The U.S. Mint was built to manufacture coinage for use in commerce. Eventually the mint also manufactured special coins for collectors.

What is the top escorted tour company in US?

Globus and Cosmos both offer escorted tours of the US. To find more information visit their websites at and They also frequently run special offers at and

What does SMS stand for in grading coins?

"SMS" is an abbreviation for "Special Mint Set". The US Mint did not produce any proof sets for collectors in the years 1965, 1966, 1967. Instead they produced what were called "Special Mint Sets". Generally they have better detail and luster than the everyday business strikes made for circulation. Proof set production was resumed in 1968.

Value of the 1966 US special mint set?

Issue price was $4.00 current retail value is $9.00

What are the addresses of the US Mints?

US Mint Philadelphia, PA US Mint West Point, NY US Mint Denver, CO US Mint San Francisco, CA

Are Sears doing any special offers for Black Friday?

Sears will be offering special offers for Black Friday. They will have special offers on many items in store including appliances, tools, and electronics.

Can one buy directly from US Mint Philadelphia?

You can buy directly from the US Mint, not the indivdual mint locations.

What is a proof eisenhower silver coin?

A coin produced by the US Mint containing 90% silver and struck with a special die and was intended for collectors

How would one find out about special offers for new customers of The Check Gallery?

If new customers wants to find out about special offers on the Check Gallery website, they can go to the website. Then they can click on "SPECIAL OFFERS" on the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take them to all the special offers.

Where is the mint mark on a 1946 US nickel?

The mint mark position is to the right of Monticello. No mint mark = Philadelphia D = Denver S = San Francisco Special wartime nickels had the mint mark above the dome of Monticello. The position was moved again in 1968, near the date. In 1980 Philadelphia began using a P mint mark.

How can you work at the us mint?

The US Mint was created by Congress and makes circulating coins. To apply for a job with the US Mint a person can apply at the website.