How do you dress up like Annie Oakley?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: How do you dress up like Annie Oakley?
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Who grew up as a sharpshooter and a horsewoman?

Annie Oakley.

Why did Annie Oakley pick up a rifle?

To feed her family.

What city did Annie Oakley grow up in?

she was born in Darke country, Ohio

Did Annie Oakley have another job as a grown up?

Yes, she was a movie actress.

What city did Annie Oakley grow up?

she was born in Darke country, Ohio

What was going on in North America when Annie Oakley was growing up?

The US Civil War.

What was one important thing Annie oakley said?

Never give up on your dreams

What was Annei Oakley's school like growing up?

Annie's school was very harsh while growing up. She got spanked and got beat up. The worst thing is that she had to clean up animal mess.

Did Annie oakley die of pernicious anemia?

hi it is me Miley Cyrus. just sayin that i was researching about cowgirls and Annie oakley poped up .she died because someone shot her. it was frank he was jealous. he felt bad later on and killed himeself. sad

How do you dress like an orphan for Orphan Annie play?

wear a dingy buttoned up dress a dark dress knee length. Apply charcol eyeliner to face. wear knee lenght socks and brown shoes or laced up black boots. Add a locket as a detail hope this helps i am doing a play for Annie too!

Who was the most famous cowgirl?

Calamity Jane Dale Evans Annie Oakley Velma Bronn Johnston Sandra Day O'Connor Belle Star Rose Dunn Pearl Hart Cattle Kate

Where can you find information on the Stevens 22 used by Annie Oakley?

Annie Oakley used a variety of rifles in her exhibitions. The Stevens she is associated with is one of the earlier tip-up variety, not sure of which model. She is also famously associated with the Model 1891 Marlin lever action, various Winchester models, and Parker shotguns.