How do you sell an ounce of gold?

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Most coin dealers and jewelers buy gold and silver.

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Q: How do you sell an ounce of gold?
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What does gold sell for per ounce?

As of 6-24-12 gold is $1,572.30 per ounce.

What did one ounce of gold sell for in the year 1926?

$35 was the fixed price for one ounce of gold.

How much does 10k gold sell per ounce?

some amount of money

I guess I am just plain ignorant of the price of gold today. If I go to a local "gold buyer" to sell jewelry, what should I expect?

The current investment price of gold is $1060 an ounce. A gold buyer will pay 900-950 per ounce.

How do you calculate the gold price gram?

if im correct. ur asking how to price gold by the gram. you can sell 1 ounce of gold for about $922.00there are 0.035273962 ounces in a gram.

How much could one sell 12 ounces of 14-karat gold for?

"According to an online gold-per-ounce-value calculator, 12 ounces of 14 karat gold is worth $1,828.74 per troy ounce or $12,801.18 total. Take in mind that this is retail value, and you would probably have to sell it for less."

How much gold is an ounce?

Do you mean how much is gold per ounce because Gold is currently $1015.15 per ounce

Is there an ounce gold in air bag deploy device?

An ounce of gold? No. Your airbag probably has gold or gold plated terminals in the deployment mechanism, but there is not an ounce of gold in it. Right now (09/01/08) gold is $822.45 an ounce.

How much pure gold is in 1 ounce of gold dust approximately?

One ounce of pure gold is in 1 ounce of pure gold dust.

How many pnnywt in an ounce of gold?

"Ounce", when referring to gold, means a Troy ounce. There are twenty pennyweight in a Troy ounce.

What is one tenth ounce fine gold worth?

The current price for an ounce of gold is: $1,591.00 A tenth of an ounce of gold is: $159.10

How much does a ounce of gold cost?

A ounce of gold costs 500dollars