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Q: How many grams in a silver spoon or silver knife?
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How many teaspoons is 13 grams?

a tea spoon is 5 grams, a desert spoon is 10 grams and and a table spoon is 15 gram so 13 grams is; 2.6 tea spoons 1.3 desert spoons 0.86 table spoons

How many troy ounces of silver in a coin silver spoon?

You have to know the actual weight of the spoon to get an answer. First weigh it in grams or standard ounces. 1 troy ounce is about 31.1 grams or 1.1 standard ounces, so divide by either of those numbers as appropriate, to get troy ounces. Coin silver is an alloy of 90% pure silver and 10% copper so multiply the final result by 0.90 to get the amount of pure silver.

How many grams in atabl spoon?

around 25 grams..not know for sure..

How many gr of butter on a Tb spoon?

There are about 12 1/2 grams on a table spoon of butter

How many grams does a spoon weigh?

About 12 grams of sugar in one tablespoon.

How many grams is a 1845 silver dollar?

26.73 grams, 90% silver

Where can one get a silver baby spoon engraved?

There are many shops and online businesses where one can have a silver spoon engraved. Tiffany and Co. is one place and online there is the Silver baby gift.

How many grams tablespoon?

1 table spoon = 15 g

How many tea spoon 50 grams?

You can not equate grams and teaspoons without also knowing the density.

How many grams of silver in a 1946 to 1964 Roosevelt Dime?

Silver dimes were 90% silver with 10% copper and weigh 2.5 grams, which is 2.25 grams of silver.

How many grams silver american dollar?

For 90% silver one dollar coins they have about 24 grams of silver.

How many grams of silver in a silver half dollar?

For 90% silver coins (1964 & before) 10.2537 grams.