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Allowing for inflation, it was valued at $8 - $9.

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Q: How much was 1 oz. of silver worth in 1920?
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How much is a silver ten dollar coin worth from barbados?

It worth 1.1 Oz. of silver.

How Is 0.13671875 oz Of Silver Worth?

At the current spot price of $16.54/oz (29 Nov 2017), that much silver is worth $2.26.

How much is a 10 oz bar of silver worth?


How much is real silver worth?

According to the latest Engelhard Commodities, 1 oz of silver is worth: $21.

How much is a 1996 8 oz bar of silver worth as of 2015?

As of 11 Feb. 2015, silver is worth $17 per ounce, so an 8 oz bar is worth $136.

How much is 38 troy oz pure silver is worth?


How much and ounce is silver worth in the US?

$41.30 per oz

How much is 4 oz of silver worth?

At $17.58 an ounce as current price for pure silver, 4 ounces is worth $70.32.

How much is a 25 cent Canadian worth in us dollars?

A 1965 quarter has 0.15 oz. of pure silver in it, so if you want to know the melt value of it, simply multiply .15 by the silver spot price. For example, if the spot price is US$18 oz., your 1920-1966 Canadian quarter is worth about $2.70 in melt value.

How much is a one oz Canadian titanic silver coin worth?


How much is oz sliver?

One ounce of silver is currently worth about $30.99

How much is a Garfield 1 oz silver dollar worth?

one dollar