Is valero Russian owned

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Is valero Russian owned
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Who owns valero gasoline?

Valero gas is owned by valero energy based in San Antonio, Texas.

If a store has the Valero Logo on it does it mean that it's a Valero?

Yes, it does...but that would be the short answer. If you're asking if a Valero Logo'ed store is owned by Valero -- then the answer is "maybe." It could be a wholesale distributor or a branded (read:franchised) store. A good indicator is the shop itself. It's a Valero Corner Store, it's most likely owned by Valero Energy Corporation (or a subsidiary of that company).

Where is a list of Valero owned truck stops?

On the Valero website, there's a store locator. See the related link at the bottom.

Is Valero owned or in partnership with Venezuela?

Valero is absolutely not owned by Venezuela. Valero is the largest U.S. independent refiner and it's based in San Antonio, Texas. The U.S. company that Venezuela owns is called CITGO, which used to be partnered with 7-Eleven stores. According to wikipedia, Valero gets its name from Mision San Antonio de Valero (which is actually better known as The Alamo).

Who owns Valero Energy Corporation?

Valero Energy Corporation is a publicly traded company, so it is owned by a combination of institutional and individual investors who hold shares of the company's stock. There isn't a single entity or individual that owns Valero outright.

How do you say Owned in Russian?


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What is the birth name of Roque Valero?

Roque Valero's birth name is Roque Valero Prez.

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Concha Valero's birth name is Concha Garca Valero.

When did Aaron Valero die?

Aaron Valero died in 2000.

When was Aaron Valero born?

Aaron Valero was born in 1913.

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Jorge Valero was born in 1946.