What are 3 main events on Jonas salk?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What are 3 main events on Jonas salk?
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Does Jonas Salk have a daughter?

yes.. jonas salk had a daughter and 3 siblings

How many children did Jonas Salk have?

Jonas Salk had 3 boys. Peter, Darrell, and Jonathan

How many siblings do Jonas Salk have?

Jonas Salk is the oldest of 3 children so he has 2 siblings

Did Jonas Salk have a family?

yes, I believe there are 3 sons, all MDs. One in Seatle and 2 in California

Who invented a way to keep milk safe and healthy?

1.Marie Curie 2.Louis Sabin 3.louis Pastuur 4.Jonas Salk ANSWER.Louis Pastuur

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Did Salk have any kids?

yes. salk had 3 kids with Donna Lindsey named peter, darrell, and Jonathan. then they got divorced and salk married francoise gilot (former mrs. to pablo Picasso) -(im smart!!)-

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