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Q: What did mr Oakley point out to willie in the hallway?
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Did willie beech go to live with tom oakley in goodnight mr tom?

Yes, he did live with Mr. Tom and also Mr.Tom adopted William Beech!

Why is Goodnight Mister Tom called Is Goodnight Mister Tom?

Because at the end Willie goes to live with Mr Tom Oakley forever and he can say, every night, Goodnight Mr Tom.The name of the novel comes from something William said early on in the story. Up to this point William had been addressing Tom as "Mister". Mr Oakley tells William you can call me Tom. William immediately replies "Goodnight Mister Tom"

What are the release dates for Mr- I- Magination - 1949 Annie Oakley?

Mr- I- Magination - 1949 Annie Oakley was released on: USA: 16 March 1952

What is the email add of Mr Willie Revillame?

Where do you find mr blacklot in Pokemon platinum?

Go to the Blacklot Mansion south of Hearthome, go into the hallway, go left hallway, then go inside the only door.

What did Mr Tom give Willie for his first meal?

Mr Tom gave Willie bread, butter, cheese, a chunk of apple, and a cup of milk for his first meal.

How did Mr Oakley feel about the art shop in goodnight Mr. Tom?

Mr. Oakley felt quite touched by the art shop in "Goodnight Mr. Tom." He appreciated the creativity and talent displayed in the shop, and it brought back memories of his own artistic pursuits. The art shop served as a source of inspiration and comfort for him during a difficult time.

Who dies in good night mr tom?

Zach dies, and Willie's mom commits suicide and Willie's baby sister dies

What is Tom Oakley from 'Goodnight Mr Tom' real name?

John Thaw, now sadly deceased.

What is the possessive of Rodriguez?

The possessive form for the proper noun Rodriguez is Rodriguez's.example: Mr. Rodriguez's classroom is at the end of this hallway.

What does willie in goodnigh mr tom have attached to his curtains?

Willie in "Goodnight Mr. Tom" has paper butterflies attached to his curtains. These butterflies are a symbol of hope and play a significant role in the story's themes of healing and transformation.

What was mr tom's wife called in goodnight mr tom?

Mr. Tom's wife was called Rachel. She passed away before the events of the story take place, leaving Mr. Tom feeling very sad and withdrawn.