What does 'o' in clock means?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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It is a contraction, i believe it means of the clock shortened to o' clock. Kinda like Cannot is can't.

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Q: What does 'o' in clock means?
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What does O in o 'clock mean?

o'clock means of the clock.

Why time is spell as 7'o' clock and o stands for what?

"o'clock" means "of the clock"

What does o clock means?

it meas the clock hand it meas the clock hand it meas the clock hand

AM means from?

From Midnight 12 o clock is AM

What does Ten to ten means on the clock?

means ten minutes till ten o clock, which is 9:50

What means the same as 12 o' clock at night?


Is pm night?

"POST MERIDIAN" means after noon that is 12 o clock mid day to 12 o clock mid night so half day and half night

Why timing is mentioned as 'o' clock?

Timing is mentioned as 'o' clock because it is according to the clock.

How relative bearing is obtain using clock method?

Place a watch or wall clock on your palm. every hour represents the exact corner where the hour hand is pointing to. Ex: 12 o clock means straight ahead of you. Anything to your right hand side is 3 o clock. 9 o clock is left hand side. Anything behind you is 6 o clock. If you keep practicing, you can also give the in between positions of something like 7 o clock or 2 o clock without looking at the clock on your palm. This method is vastly used by almost all the military forces around the world. you can see the implementations in military films where they are pointing to an enemy or unknown contact position by o clocks from his/her position. You are in the center and anything around you is o clock. Your computer is in 12 o clock position right now and if the door is behind you then it's 6 o clock. Try it. It's fun.

What does 22 o clock mean in uk?

10 o clock

Is the clock's the correct grammar for of the clock?

o' clock

What is o clock sort for?

of the clock