What does 1847 Rogers Bros IS mean?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What does 1847 Rogers Bros IS mean?
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Is 1847 rogers bros silver worth anything?

I have a 1847 Rogers Bros stamp I S what does this mean ? and what is it worth?

Is 1847 anniversary rogers bros 002132 silver or silverplated?

Hi, Rogers Bros 1847 Eternally Yours is silver plate.

Where can one purchase 1847 Rogers Bros silverware?

There are but a select few places to purchase 1847 Rogers Bros silverware. The two best and commonly used are eBay and the 1847 Rogers Bros official website.

What does the 1847 in front of Rogers Bros silver mean?

The "1847" date on the back does not mean the piece was made that year. Many Rogers pieces have the company founding date on them.

What is a 1847 Rogers Bros AI mean?

The "1847" in 1847 Rogers signifies the year that the process of silver plating was discovered. Shortly thereafter Rogers Brothers began manufacturing silver plated wares.

What is the value of Rogers 1847 silverware?

value of 1847 Rogers Bros A1 plus mark

What is the price for a 1847 rogers bros AL?


What does the letters AA on the 1847 rogers bros spoons mean?

It's a silverplate marking meaning "heavy".

Is 1847 rogers bros IS Flair real silver?

The 1847 Rogers Bros. IS Flair is made from sterling silver. This means that it is actually 100 percent real silver.

What is the value of Rogers Bros Daffodil silverware set?

value of 1847 rogers bros silverware

How much is 1847 Rogers Bros first love silver worth?

1847 rogers bros is the name of the company the silver is from 1937 and its only silver plated so its worth a little over par.

When was the Remembrance pattern for 1847 rogers bros silverware started?