What is the definition for ore?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Ore is a mineral that can be refined into some useful substance, which is usually a metal. Iron ore is the rock from which iron is refined.

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Q: What is the definition for ore?
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What is the definition of refining an ore?

To refine an ore means to extract the valuable metal that is inside the ore.

What are two homophones for or?

He used an oar to paddle the canoe. The cave is full of iron ore. The definition of ore is: rock or earth from which metal can be obtained.

What is the definition of the word miner?

A miner is someone who works underground to retrieve ore and minerals.

What is the definition of a spall?

'Spall' means a splinter or chip, or as a verb, to break up ore (as in mining)

What is the definition for mining?

A mine where mineral is produced by tunneling into the earth to the bed of mineral ore, which is then mined with underground mining equipment.

Are ores minerals in rock form?

No. By definition a rock is made of minerals. An ore is a mineral resource that can be extracted, refined, and sold at a profit.

Definition of multiple dilutions according to pharmaceuticss?

multiple dilution ore those dilution i which specific amount of final product known....

What is the Definition of recoverable grade of ore?

Recoverable grade of ore refers to the portion of valuable minerals in an ore that can be extracted and recovered using a specific mining or extraction process. It is an important factor in determining the economic feasibility of mining operations, as it helps estimate the potential amount of valuable minerals that can be recovered from the ore body.

What is the definition of Resource depletion?

Depletion of resources is when natural resources (e.g. coal,oil,iron ore) begin to run out (become exhausted)

What are the definition of Ore reserves and ore resources?

Ore reserves are known deposits that can be economically extracted under current market conditions using existing technology. Ore resources refer to mineral deposits that have been identified, but further exploration and evaluation are needed to determine if they can be economically extracted.

What is the definition of carbonate?

A salt or carbonic acid, as in limestone, some forms of lead ore, etc.

Usable amounts of metal can be removed from a deposit called what?