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Considered a privately minted silver art round, it's value will basically only be for the silver it contains -- currently about $28. An interested art bar collector may pay you a premium of a few dollars to add it to their collection.



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Q: What is the value of a 1992 Chrysler Mopar Olympic commemorative medallion that is 1 troy ounce of silver?
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Are Canadian 5 and 10 dollar olympic commemorative coins silver?


What are the features of the Chrysler emblem?

Features of the Chrysler emblem include the following: a winged bar that's on a type of medallion. The medallion part itself can sometimes vary in color but the wings are always a silver looking colour.

Have a Silver Anniversary Dallas Cowboys Commemorative Medallion 1960-1985 how can you determine the value unopened blister card show wear?

The Silver Anniversary Dallas Cowboys medallion is worth a price close to $75. If you have one that is unopened, it will most likely be worth more money.

What are Montreal 1976 silver commemorative coins worth?

A 1976 commemorative Montreal olympic coin weighs 48.6000 grams and is made of .925 silver. If you do a little bit of math, that works out to be 1.4454 troy ounces of silver per coin. The price of silver is constantly changing. Its value at this minute is $13.25 per ounce. In terms of silver value, a 1976 Montreal silver commemorative coin is worth $19.15.

What is the value of a commemorative 1993 Waco Texas silver medallion?

The silver medallion was not issued by the US mint, and has little if any collectors value. If the medallion is made of pure sliver, it should be marked something like .999 Silver. Normally Sliver rounds also are marked 1 troy oz. Sterling Silver is 95% pure silver, the value of medallion would depend upon the wight. If it's not marked it maybe silver plated and have no silver value. The price for a troy Ounce of Sliver can be found on a number of websites. Today silver is about $13.00 a ounce, but this changes daily. eBay is a great place to research what the medallion might be worth. Coin Dealers and Pawn shops will not pay full value for gold or silver, remember they must make a profit when they resell. Try to sell it to a individual. Internet auction sites like eBay offer a world wide market.

What is value of a 1984 silver Olympic medallion by Dali?

its cost was $125 back in 1983. its .999 pure silver weighing 1.5 troy oz and is 46mm it would depend on which one you had and if it actuall one of the 11 medal set!?

How silver is in an Olympic silver medal?

the olympic is all silver nothing else

Can I use a commemorative coin as a silver dollar?


What is the value of the United Nations 25th anniversary commemorative sterling silver medal?

I have one and just weighed it at 14.5 grams. Its .925 pure silver, so has an actual weight of .4301 oz t. (ounce troy). Silver is around 40 dollars an ounce, so the medallion is worth about 17 dollars 20 cents. Cheers

What is a good company to hire for silver plating for my office?

Medallion Industries Inc. offers a Liquid Silver Plating System, Silverware Kit, and Medallion Brand at $15.99 on Medallion Care offers a Electroless Liquid Silver Plating Solution for only $19.99 on

What is the value of 1786 Silver Dollar put out by the postal commemorative society?

There was no Postal Commemorative Society in 1786

What is the weight of a sterling silver coin made for the 1976 olympic games?

You are a little spare on information. What country is it from? Does it have a denomination or an inscription on it? What is the diameter? What is the design on both sides? Is it a coin, a medal, a medallion or an IOC souvenir?