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Q: What place often traded in exchange for gold?
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what are gld exchange traded funds?

Gold exchange traded funds tracks the price of gold they are also traded on major stock exchanges.

Units in gold exchange traded is liable to wealth tax?

Not necessarily, depending upon what is exchanged. Only if the exchange of the "units of gold exchanged traded", is paralleled with an exchange that is equal and as well as, considered the risk value is comparable than that of the gold units exchanged.

What services does Gold eft provide?

A Gold EFT is an exchange traded fund with gold being the principle and only commodity being traded. Benefits included for Gold EFT are the availability online, flexing in timing of purchases, and no duty to pay when overseas.

The people of Ghana often traded their gold for?

iron It is not Iron, it is Salt

How gold price is determined?

Gold is traded daily on the comex division of the new york merchantile exchange. Gold is traded in futures like other commodities such as silver, platinum and oil. However more gold is traded every day than there has ever been mined. This means that lots of people dont trust the paper-gold and buying bullions or gold coins at a price above the fix.

Where can one exchange cash for gold?

One can exchange cash for gold at a number of local establishments in the area one is living in. One such place is AAA Gold Exchange, which offers cash for gold and other jewelry.

What is the ticker symbol for Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold Incorporated?

The ticker symbol for Freeport-McMoran Copper and Gold Incorporated is FCX and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What are Commodity ETF used for?

Commodity Exchange-Traded Funds are investments traded like stocks. They are similar to other traded commodities, like gold, but have certain advantages over gold. For one, ownership of actual gold requires storing it somewhere; ETFs do not take up physical space. Gold can also be stolen or its value could decrease suddenly if a large supply were discovered and made available. ETFs are immune to these threats as well.

Did Egyptian pharaohs design their own masks?

yes often so unless they traded most often they were some kind of gold or orange

What resources were traded in ghanas empire?

The things that were traded were gold and salt

What was the Silk traded for?

Silk was traded for... i think gold :)

What is the term paper gold refers to?

Paper gold refers to financial instruments that represent ownership of gold without physical possession, such as gold exchange-traded funds (ETFs), gold futures contracts, and gold certificates. These instruments provide investors with exposure to the price of gold without needing to buy and store physical gold.