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The optimal way to determine when the US Mint will mint a specific coin is to refer to their web-site:

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Q: When does the US Mint put out the new year's coin?
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How much is a bicentennial coin set worth?

It depends on if it was Mint issued or put together from circulation, post new question.

What is value of a bicentennial coin set?

Value depends on if it's a official Mint issued coin set or just some coins someone put together. The Mint issued a total of 6 different sets that contain Bicentennial coins. Post new question.

Value of Quarters with P stamp?

The letters are actually called mint marks rather than "stamps". They indicate which mint struck the coin. Philadelphia didn't put a P mint mark on quarters until 1980, so any coin with that mint mark is recent and quite common. Unless your coin is in gem uncirculated condition it would have no extra value.

What are some holiday traditions of Greece?

In New years Greece bakes a cake, and in the middle of the cake they put a gold coin in the middle and who ever got the coin has good luck for a year!

What is the value of a 1966D Kennedy Half dollar?

The Mint didn't put mint marks on any coins dated 1965-1967 during the changeover from silver coins to copper-nickel clad ones. Please check your coin again and post a new question.

What if there is No mint mark on either spot of the quarter 1936?

If there is no mintmark under the eagle on a quarter then the coin was minted at the Philadelphia Mint. That's the only mintmark position for Washington quarters dated 1964 and earlier. The mintmark was first put on the front of the coin in 1968.

What does WSD mean that is printed on a 1854 copper braided penny?

Someone probably put WSD on the coin. It did not come from the mint that way.

What does it mean if there is a number on the neck of an eisenhower silver dollar?

No numbers were put on the neck by the U.S. Mint. Take it to a coin collector or dealer to find out what it is.

What is the value of a 1912 us nickel?

These coins are normally called Liberty nickels or "V" nickels (V = 5 in Roman numerals). Look on the back by the dot at roughly the 8:00 position to see if there's a mint mark letter.Numismedia lists the following retail values as of 01/2010:No mint mark:Very worn condition - $3Moderately worn - $5Slightly worn - $10Almost no wear - $50Uncirculated - $72-1700 depending on its quality."D" mint mark:Very worn condition - $4Moderately worn - $13Slightly worn - $35Almost no wear - $185Uncirculated - $265-7600"S" mint mark:Very worn condition - $150Moderately worn - $219Slightly worn - $480Almost no wear - $1200Uncirculated - $1,470-16,000There are many counterfeit 1912-S coins. Any that appear to have an S mint mark should be inspected by an expert.The value depends on the condition of the coin and whether it has a mint mark. Look on the back of the coin to the left of the word "cents"If there is no small letter there, the coin has no mint mark. It could also have a D or S.Assuming you have a coin that has been put into circulation, the value will vary depending on how worn the coin is. If it has bad discoloration or has dents or bends in it, its value is almost nil.A no mint mark 1912 V is worth from $2 to $45.A D mint mark coin is worth from $3 to $160An S mint mark coin is worth from $140 to $1,300If the coin was never put into circulation it is either an uncirculated coin or a proof coin. This could send the value up to as much as $2,000.Go to a professional numismatist to have the value of the coin appraised. It is becoming a very exacting science.

What is the value of a no mint mark 1978 quarter?

25 cents. It should be easy to find them in pocket change. The reason the coin doesn't have a mint mark is that up till 1979, when quarters were minted in Philadelphia, they didn't put a P mint mark on it. Your quarter is from Philadelphia and is not an error.

I'll put my two cents in The US Mint began striking two-cent coins during what war to combat a coin shortage?

Civil War

Who company made the americana series coin collections?

The data I have with my Americana Series: U.S. Presidents coins states that this one was put together by The Kennedy Mint.