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He is naked and so is she.

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Q: Why doesn't Odysseus clasp Nausicaa's knees?
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No, clasp is not an adjective. It's a noun and a verb. As a noun: The clasp on her necklace is broken. As a verb: She clasped her hands around her knees.

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Her necklace fell off when the clasp broke.

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How did Odysseus address the queen of the Phaeacians?

How did Odysseus address the queen of the Phaeacians okay so its really "he cast his hands about her knees."

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What did the queen and queen in book 7 do for Odysseus?

In book 7 The King and Queen notice Odysseus. Odysseus begs at his knees, begging for mercy at the Queen. The King and Queen give him a day off and make Odyessuestravel in the Phaeacian ship.

How did odysseues address the queen of the phaeacians?

How did Odysseus address the queen of the Phaeacians okay so its really "he cast his hands about her knees."

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What did the king and queen do for Odysseus in book 7?

In Book 7 of "The Odyssey," the king and queen of Phaeacia, Alcinous and Arete, show hospitality and kindness to Odysseus by offering him food, shelter, and asking about his identity and journey. They welcome him with open arms and provide him with a ship to continue his journey home.

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What does the stool that Eurymachus throws at Odysseus accidentally hit?

The stool accidentally hits a cup-bearer. "With this he grabbed a stool, But Odysseus, fearing attack, squatted at the knees of Amphinomus of Dulichium, and Eurymachus' missile struck a cup-bearer on the right hand, so that his wine jug fell to the floor with a clang, and he fell back in the dust."

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