Baby in Spanish

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Good day baby i am good!

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Q: Baby in Spanish
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What is a baby 'llama' called?

A baby llama is called a cria (Spanish for "baby").

Have a baby in Spanish?

I dont think you can a baby in spanish but it can be mexican.

How do you talk to baby in spanish?

The same way you talk to any baby, except you use Spanish. Bebe is Spanish for baby by the way

His baby translated in spanish?

"Su bebé" is how you would say "his baby" in Spanish.

What is a baby donkey called in spanish?

A baby donkey is called "potro" in Spanish.

How do you say I love you baby in Spanish?

Te amo, nene / nenaTe Amo Baby --- This is not Spanish!

What is Spanish for baby?


Where can one find Spanish baby girl names?

Finding Spanish baby girl names can be done by going to your local library and finding books on baby names. If that does not work you can try going to a book store and asking for Spanish Baby name books.

What does baby mean in spanish?

Baby in Spanish can mean infant or a term of endearment. It basically means the same things as it does in English.

How do you say your welcome baby in spanish?

you're welcome is de nada, baby is bebe... although calling someone baby in spanish could be insulting, but you never know....

Spanish word for baby bear?

baby bear = el osezno

How do you day baby in Spanish?