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An Epic

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Q: Consider a story in which the hero embodies the central values of a society What kind of story would this be?
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What is an epic of a story?

embodies the values of a society

A story that embodies the values of a society is called a?


What is a story that embodies the values of a society?

It is an epic.

How do you define community welfare?

It embodies the notion of maintaining a set of community standards and values that allow society to function in keeping with the values of society.

What is the inability to adjust your values and ethics to changes is society?

The Tea Party embodies that inability.

What kind of story embodies the central values of society?

A story that embodies the central values of society often revolves around themes of justice, compassion, respect for others, and the pursuit of truth. It typically involves characters facing moral dilemmas, overcoming obstacles, and striving to make positive changes in their community or world. Such stories often inspire reflection on important societal issues and emphasize the importance of empathy, integrity, and equality.

Central to any society is a common set of values shared by its citizens that determines what is socially acceptable Marketers refer to these values collectively as a country's?

ethical system

What social values are embodies in this passage on the previous from the epic the Odyssey?

i dont know but your so stupid

What type of society is Mexico?

Mexico has a Western, Latin American society where Catholicism is by far the largest religion, and traditional values are common. It is centered around the family as largest pillar of the society, and the mother is viewed as the central keeper of these values. See the related questions section for further detail.

What impact do American values have on society?

American social, economic and political values are the driving force in US society. With that said, it can be fair to say that American values and society's values are interchangeable.

Core values of any society?

The core values of societies are 1) Society's functioning 2) Cognitive values 3) Cultural values

Why are the values of our society decline?

They're not. Our society's values in terms of freedom are increasing, not decreasing.