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I like your tan= in Spanish Quiero su bronceado

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Q: How do you say I like your tan in Spanish?
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How do you say'' your so sweet ''in spanish?

eres tan dulce

How do you say so nice in spanish?

tan agradable

How do say not so large in spanish?

no tan grande...?

How do you say if only in Spanish?

"Si tan sólo..."

How do you say hope so in spanish?

espero tan

How do you say to do so in Spanish?

Para hacer tan.

How do you say so mean in spanish?

Tan cruel.

How do you say so true in spanish?

Tan verdad

How do say fake tan in spanish?

bronceado falso

How do you say 'i am not so good' in spanish?

Yo no soy tan bueno or no soy tan bueno

How do you say your so pretty in spanish?

To a female you say, "Tú eres tan bonita." To a male, "Tú eres tan bonito."

How do you say so in love in spanish?

Translation: tan enamorado