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Q: How do you say Tori in spanish?
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How you say beautiful tori in Spanish?

Spanish Word for beautifulEnglish Word: beautifulSpanish Word: bello, bella, bonito, bonitaNow you know how to say beautiful in Spanish. :-)UR VERY WELCOMEEE, MMHMM

What is tori in Spanish?


How do you say 'bird' in Japanese?


What you say tori in English?

The meaning of the name Tori is 'Conqueror or victory'.

Will bony tori ever go away?

There is bony lump in the roof of my mouth. They say is is called a tori. What is a Tori and what causes it ?

Who were the first spanish settlers sent to new world?

Me and Tori

How can you spell tori in German?

Tori is just Tori in German, unless you wish to say Victoria in German, (in which case, you would spell it Viktoria.)

In Japanese how do you say the word bird?

You may say 'tori,' written: 鳥

How do you say Tori ange are mono in English language?

In Kisii language of African origin,"Tori ange/are mono" has the meaning of "Not too near/far" in English.

Does gillies speak Spanish?

well in a episode of victorious when the "wood" she and tori broke the guys car then had to drive him and he wanted music but in spanish

Does iCarly have the most audience or tori?

I would say its both because Tori's newer than icarly but icarly comes on TV plus it's a WEBSHOW while tori is only on tv and by tori don't u mean Victorious?

How do you say 'flying bird' in Japanese?

'Tonde iru tori.'