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Maple Leafs de Toronto

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Q: How do you say Toronto Maple Leafs in french?
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How do you say Toronto maple leafs miss playoffs for the fifth time in french?

Maple Leafs de Toronto éliminatoires manquer pour la 5ème fois.Toronto Maple Leafs miss the play-offs for the 5th time.

Which team is the best hockey team in Toronto?

With the way the Leafs are playing this year, I'm tempted to say the Toronto Marlies who are having a tremendous year in the AHL. However, as bad as they are this year it is still the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Are the Toronto maple leafs the best nhl team?

well i can not say they are the best but they are close to it it hurts me to say but the Montreol Canadians are THE best team because they have the most Stanley cups but in my oppinion the Leafs are easily the second best team

What is Justin Bieber's favorite hockey team?

Justin Bieber's favorite hockey team, guessing from where he lived, is most likely the Toronto Maple Leafs.Toronto mapleleafsHis favorite hockey team is the Maple Leafs. He said so in his movie Never Say Never

What is the best team in the nhl?

The Toronto Maple Leafs is the best team in the NHL.

How do you say maple leaf in french?

You say "maple leaf" in French as "feuille d'érable."

How do you say maple in french?


How do you say Toronto in french?

It has the same spelling: Toronto

Why did Carrier's narrator say that The Maple Leaf's sweater weighed on your shoulders like a mountain?

Because the Maple Leafs have been so terrible, for so long, that a mountain of crap has gathered on it. The amount of crap that comes when you put on the sweater for the Maple Leafs has eventually piled up to that level.

How do you say i was born in Toronto in french?

J'habite à Toronto

How do you say welcome in Toronto in french?

Bienvenue à Toronto.

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs rivals with the Boston Bruins?

I Would have to say yes to this very good question, These two teams have quite a long history between each other. If you have seen a Leaf game on Leafs TV, against the Boston Bruins, you will see a preview before the game including highlights of big hits, goals and fights. Leafs TV usually shows these types of things before a game when the Leafs re facing a rival team.